Adding Seasonal Themes to French Class: Why it’s not just for primary students

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Teaching seasonal themes in French class - the reasons why it's important

Teaching French can be a challenge for teachers, especially if the students are already familiar with the language. One way to make your lessons more engaging is by incorporating seasonal themes into your teaching. By connecting the curriculum to holidays and other fun events, you can increase student engagement and make learning more fun. Adding seasonal themes in French class is just what you need to engage your students around various holidays. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use seasonal themes in your French lessons.

Exploring Holidays

Holidays provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to engage their students in meaningful conversations about culture and traditions. You can talk about how different countries celebrate certain holidays and discuss the various cultural practices associated with them. For example, you can talk about how Christmas is celebrated in France versus how it is celebrated in other parts of the world. This will help students learn more about different cultures while also improving their French language skills.

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Incorporating Music and Movies

You can also use music and movies to introduce new vocabulary or reinforce existing concepts. For example, you could pick a popular French song that has been released recently or an old classic that everyone knows and loves. Then, have students listen to the song and fill out a worksheet with key words they hear throughout the song or movie. This will help them gain a better understanding of how certain words are used in real-world contexts. Adding seasonal themes in French class is just what you need to engage your students around various holidays.

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There are many ways that you can incorporate seasonal themes into your French lessons to make them more enjoyable for both yourself and your students. Holidays are great opportunities for exploring different cultures while music and movies allow your students to practice their listening skills while also having fun! At the end of the day, using seasonal themes will make learning French easier as well as more enjoyable for everyone involved. It’s an easy way to add some variety to your teaching methods without having to re-invent the wheel every time! Your students will thank you as adding seasonal themes in French class is just what you need!

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Adding Seasonal Themes to French Lessons: Why it's not just for primary students


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