The Importance of Speaking Games in French Class

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French class doesn’t have to be “la torture.” In fact, with the right activities, it can be really fun…and even get students speaking! Exploring the importance of speaking games is key in overall student engagement in learning additional languages. Here are three reasons why speaking games should be a staple in every French classroom.

Reason #1: The Why

Games naturally lower students’ anxiety about speaking.

When students are playing a game, they’re not as focused on the fact that they’re speaking in front of their peers. This lowers their anxiety and makes them more likely to give it a try. And the more they practice, the better they’ll get…and the less anxious they’ll be!

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Reason #2: Class community

Games create a fun and supportive environment.

Class can be stressful enough without feeling like you’re being put on the spot all the time. Games create an environment where everyone is working together towards a common goal. This sense of camaraderie will make students more likely to take risks and try new things.

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Reason #3: They actually work in building language knowledge!

Games provide opportunities for meaningful practice.

In order to become proficient in a language, students need ample opportunities to practice using it in realistic contexts. Speaking games give students the chance to do just that, while also providing instant feedback so they can see what areas need improvement.


There’s no question about it—speaking games are an essential part of any French class. Not only do they lower anxiety and create a supportive environment, but they also provide meaningful practice opportunities. So next time you’re planning your lessons, be sure to include some games! Your students will thank you for it…and maybe even start to enjoy French class!

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