3 Tips for Engaging French Students Before Holidays

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The holidays are a great time to take a break from school and spend time with family and friends. However, before the holidays, there is still work to be done! Teachers have to keep their students engaged in learning so that they don’t fall behind. Here are 3 of my favorite tips for engaging French students before the holidays.

Create a festive atmosphere

By creating a festive atmosphere in the classroom with decorations and holiday music is a surefire way to engage students. This will get students into the holiday spirit while they are still working hard. Plan fun activities that incorporate French language learning. For example, you could have students sing Christmas carols in French, make cards for their families in French or play speaking games using French Christmas vocabulary. Taking a break from the ordinary and adding in some festive fun is a great strategy for engaging French students before holidays.

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Get them Singing

There are countless Christmas carols and other holiday songs in French. Not only will this get your students engaged, but they’ll also be able to impress their friends and families with their festive French tunes. Teach your students popular Christmas carols in French or simply play songs while they work. You can find lyrics and recordings of many popular songs online or here by visiting the link below. By using songs in your lessons, engaging French students before holidays will be a breeze.

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http://Use technology to engage students in learning

Use technology to engage students in learning

There are many great (and free!) apps and websites that make learning French fun, such as Duolingo, puppet pals, blooket and kahoot. Competitive quiz games that can be played whole class or in small gruops are a great too for engaging French students before holidays. This allows review and reinforcement of concepts and vocabulary before taking a break for the holidays. Chekc out my classroom tested and approved resource here!

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but before the break, there is still work to be done! Keep your Core French students engaged by creating a festive atmosphere in the classroom, planning fun activities, incorporating technology, and rewarding hard work. With these tips, your students will stay on track and be ready for the holidays!

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